Association "Taxes of Russia"

Business protection since 1992

Phone: 7 (343) 378-93-33, 378-95-00, 378-93-30

E-mail: Anr@anr.ru

About the group of companies

Association "Taxes of Russia" was founded in 1992.

The group of companies "Association "Taxes of Russia" includes the following organizations:

  • JSC "ANR"

     JSC "ANR" is a member of the non-profit partnership "Community of Appraisers "SMAO" (NP "SMAOs"). Provides consulting and valuation services.

  • LLC "Metaudit"

     OOO "Metaudit" (ORNZ 12006041466) is a member of the Self-Regulatory Organization of Auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo" (SRO AAS). Provides audit and related services.

  • LLC "Legal Center "Taxes and Arbitration"

     LLC "Legal Center "Taxes and Arbitration" provides legal services, including representation of clients in courts and tax authorities.

The level of work methods we offer, as well as the principles of our work, based on complete confidentiality regarding the client's activities, professionalism and responsibility for the results of our work, competence and valuable practical experience, determine the choice and trust of many who turn to us for help and advice.

Based on the results of the ratings for 2022, the Tax Association of Russia group of companies is the largest audit and consulting group in the Ural region, providing audit, consulting, legal and valuation services.